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God bless

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my state of mind

I'm tired. It is 12:47 am. If I say something silly, just remember what time I am writing this ok? Anyways so this is my first post for my blog. I am tired as I said.... I also have a sore neck, thought you would like to know. Yesterday was a really good day... looking forward to going to bed thismorning and sleeping in. i'm not too good at doing that though. I really should learn to go to bed earlier. I am so glad tomoday is holidays,,, well sort of. I have until next wednesday off at TAFE. Today is a new day, I must learn not to worry. Yesterday I realised that I need to put my trust in Jesus a bit more. I am going to honest in saying that I have been going through a lot of emotional pain lately, and I haven't lived my life to the fullest... I think it is time that I trust that Jesus is by my side and will help me out. I dunno when my troubles will clear up, but at least I know that I have help. I love it when Jesus is by my side. haha... i find it weird saying yesterday.... yesterday was only an hour-ish ago.
anyway,,, tiz all for now
God bless.

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