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God bless

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My throat hurts :(

hmmm I have a sore throat :( It is making my right ear sore, and the back of my neck sore. I hate colds. I am really hoping that I am feeling better by tomorrow. Got church and then some friends are coming over to Rob's, and I am also on singing tomorrow night. Ooo and yay, James is joining me singing, but I thinks he is also playing the guitar. But still... I am looking forward to the service. Hoping all will be well in the morning.
We went to Adelle and David's new house today, it was really cool... I likes it. Little bubby Nathan gave me a cuddle, he was sooo cute :)

Hmmm dunno what else to say... may be back later tonight. Love yas xxx
God bless.

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