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God bless

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ever get the feeling that no one understands? Forgive me if I sound low and forgive me if I sound like I am pitying myself.... because I am low and I am full of self pity... I am a selfish human.
I have so much support through the emotional pain I am experiencing. Everyone is so caring and loving, and I thank them for it, but what is really hard is no one actually understands. They may have the slightest understanding, but my thoughts seem far too complicated to actually be understood deep down. My thoughts are very deep thoughts, and I am not even sure if I understand them. It is completely frustrating. I would love to be understood... if a psychiatrist could read my mind for a day, then maybe they would be able to figure out my problem... or maybe it would make them more confused...
hmmm... I dunno. confused.

Love me
God bless

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