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God bless

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Been an interesting day. hmmm. Went to the shops for Easter egg's, and I have been on the computer all day doing nothing. lol plus I watched a bit of TV- Stoked, some weird show, bay watch, and Play School ( Play School was for educational reasons!). Then I played with Norm for a bit.  Anyways so Tim left for Easter Fest today, and Matt is leaving this arvy wooohooo.  Mum is going to be home alone tonight because Dad and I have practice for tomorrows Good Friday service. Kane didn't want Mum on the team for some reason? She wasn't rostered on but she was going to sing with me so that I had another female voice to sing with. It is so much easier singing when a female is beside me... but Kane rang up and said no, he only wants me. Weird. hmmmm. oh well. Looking forward to practice. This Easter weekend should be great. I love spending time with my family.... and I love going to church.
Thank you Jesus! <3

God bless everyone!

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