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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rise and shine!

Good morning. I am still rather tired. I prefer to have 9 hours sleep but I only got 7!. Right now my eye is rather sore for some reason... probably hay feaver. I would also love for this cold to go away. I am supposed to be singing at the Good Friday service, and the Easter Sunday night service.
OOOooo so excited.... ok... this is my plan for easter: On Thursday night I have practice for Good Friday, then I have the actual service in the morning on Friday. After Church my family and I are all meeting up at Grandma's for hot cross buns, then we are going to other Grandma's for lunch. I will probably go to Rob's that night, because I often go to his on Friday nights. Then.... Sometime on Saturday My family are all meeting up for Cousin Adelles Birthday. On Sunday I will go to church in the morning, then James, Dan, possibly Steph, and I are all going to Robs house to watch movies. At 4:30 I have practice for the night service. The awesome thing is, James might be singing with me that night on the team. I didn't want to be the only singer on stage, so I asked James to join me. He said he was going to ask Vaughan ( the worship leader) last night. I haven't got a reply, but I am sure it will be fine. So that should be good!. Then of course we have the actual night service, which shal be amazing. That is my easter pretty much :) .
As for now, I plan to attempt to do 3 assignments. They are pretty easy as far as I am concerned. Renee our teacher really explained it well.

 Hmmm anyway, off to have a nice warm shower, and put Hillsong onto full blast. Gotta love being home alone,

xx God bless!

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