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God bless

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My new hat

 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay my hat is finally here! It came in the mail yesterday. It is soooo comfy and the tassels are amusing and fun to play with. Best hat ever. I bought it off Sesamestreet.org. Unfortunately it was $50 Au including shipping and handling... my Mum insists that it is an early birthday present. I was just going to use her credit card and pay her back, but she insisted. Oh wells... it is amazing.
So yer it arrived yesterday. I wore it to Rob's house last night. Rob thinks it is cute :) Wayne and Jo also liked it yay, approval from the future parent in laws! We watched the royal wedding and they said that my hat was the best. They said that someone should wear a hat like mine. Yay for my hat, I am so happy to have it :). The best thing, apart from it being Cookie Monster is that no one else I know will have my hat. It is so unique.

Anyways I am going to enjoy wearing it now.
God bless
Love me xx


Stephanie Grace said...

how cool is that hat!

Liss said...

Haha the best :)

rcoll_rorscharch said...

Let's just hope Lady Gaga never wears it, otherwise it shall become ruined :'( but it's still a cool hat.