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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tafe :(

It was so good having having an extra extra long weekend off. I had from last Wednesday till today. Not a long holiday exactly, but it still feels like I have been on holidays. Now I am not in the mood at all... I have no motivation. I am especially not looking forward tomorrow because I have to go back to VP... I feel like I should be starting to do more there, now that I am a few weeks in, but I don't know what. I feel like I am really far behind for some reason. Pretty soon I will have to start implimenting plans and doing observations, and I haven't got a clue who I am going to observe or what I am going to plan.... *sigh*. I don't understand how this observation assignment is much bigger and time consuming then last years. I passed last years, isn't that enough? why do I have to do it again this year>? I don't see how I am going to fit in all the assignments, they are all fairly big. It is too much. I can't stand the thought of failing and not graduating with my friends, but at this rate, I dunno. Why is trusting in Jesus to help me complete this so hard? He is the most trustworthy being, and I can't seem to let Him take care of me.

oh well... off to tafe I go, have a good day everyone.

xx God bless
love me <3

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