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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not how we imagine

Why don't things ever turn out the way we imagine? I remember the good old days when I had birthday parties every second year. I got so so excited when they came around, but it never turned out the way I imagined it. Sometimes we have such an image in our head, and then reality comes and destroys it. Although there are rare cases where things turn out better than we imagine, and then we are so thrilled and excited. Other times, things aren't what we imagined they would be, but instead of being better or worse... it is just different, but still good. I'm not too fond of change though. I like to be in control. I prefer things go the way I imagined... unless it is the case where things go much better, or those times when we imagine that things are going to be really bad, but they end up being fine, even good. Our imaginations still always seem to serve us wrong in this context. I barely imagine things correctly... obviously it is unlikely that we would have an image of a place we have never been, and get there, and it is somehow the exact image.

Hmmm I dunno... sometimes I would like to know what the future is going to be like when we get there.... it would save so much disappointment. Unfortunately, being psychic is a demonic power. Knowing the future can frighten us. We need to put our trust in God that the future will be his will, and God being God is always right, even though sometimes it doesn't feel like things are fine and dandy. We have choices, and my choice is to follow God, and have a relationship with him. He is control.

" I wanna be the moon, cause it reflects the sun, I don't want to be the star that shines on everyone" - Paul Colman

God bless and Good night

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