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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bush and creek adventure

I had Soooooo much fun today.... I expected to be rather bored today, but I wasn't at all! Shrache, Bec, and I went for a lovely drive, to Bellbird grove... and then we went on a 2k bush walk around the old mine track. When the track finished, we found another track that was closed... so we decided to walk along the creek for ages, jumping from rock to rock, trying not to fall in the water. Bec gave up and just walked in the water (It was clear),,, I managed to find my way around without getting wet shoes... but I ended up getting wet shoes on the way back. Shrache was probably the least wet... she managed to only get one shoe wet. Appart from that we took a few photo's, and sang some songs. It was nice to go on an adventure with them... we barely get to hang out these days, so it was pretty great.

All this makes me wonder what tomorrow will bring! I could spend all day at home,,, on the computer, watching TV, or playing the piano.. Or I could find something to do, like go for a walk, or spend time with other friends :)

God bless
Love -E-

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