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God bless

Monday, June 20, 2011

It be late and I be slightly amused

HellloOOOooo!! It be late,,, or should I say early?... 12:35 am to be exact. Wooooo. I just came on to update stuff on facebook... got a tad bit carried away, and decided that I should blog about something :) yay for blogging. Yay for late.... I'm so tired, and my cold is making me feel a tad bit sick but oh wells. BaHaHaHaHaHaaaaa late! Ok so I'm honestly not crazy as it might seem by this post... just amused, combined with tiredness.... if I were really crazy... actually I'm not going to even tell you what I am like when I am actually crazy, it is a tad bit scary.

So what am I going to do this week?
-Today... I am going to sleep (because it is only 12:41 am).... Then I shall wake up, probably late....Then I will do nothing all day which means lots of computer, lots of eating out of boredom, a bit of tv, maybe a bit of piano..... Then I shall have dinner, and Rob shall come over afterwards, and we shall watch Jonathan Creek.

-Tuesday... I shall probably do much the same during the day, then at 4:30 I shall go to GB and we will be having our break up Masquerade ball, which is going to be amazing!!

-Wednesday... I am clueless about, I'll probably be bored.

-Thursday... Is my birthday! I shall be woken up too early for presents.... and then do something with Rob and a few friends (I still don't know what yet) during the day... then have a delicious b'day dinner..... and have family over after dinner to give me presents and to have cake!!!!!!!!!!!

- Friday.... Is my Rob day, so I will likely go to Robs, and we will watch movies and play Luxor until our eyes hurt too much...... with some kissing in between.... and we will eat ice cream and chocolate, and then probably pizza for dinner.....and then watch Friday night Footy, and Episode 4 of Hornblower!

-Saturday.... Will be the working bee for holiday club (which is next week by the way, and we would love some prayer for).... and then I might be doing something that night, not sure.

-Sunday.... Church... BBQ picnic lunch catch up with school friends... Music practice.... Church.... Sit in Robs car for hours.

Soooo... I have a relatively busy week... apart from when I am bored.

Anyways, it is now 12:52 am, and I am tired and cold.... my bed, my heat pack, my hot water bottle, The Cookie monster family, Rusty the dog, Arthur the bear, Millie the echidna, and Jeeves the wombat, are all calling me :)

God bless
Love -E- xoxoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

P.S. By the time I proof read this, it was 1:00. Time for my cozy bed.

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