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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Margo- The tallest female basket ball player dies :(

Please have a look at this link....

Margo and her son David used to attend the S.B.I.T playgroup, run by Riaz and us students. Margo was a lovely lady. She was kind, caring and friendly. She loved having a chat with us, and she was always encouraging us. I remember the first time she walked into playgroup. She had to duck to walk through the door (and it was a tall door!) We all stared at her. The room went quiet for a few seconds, and I could tell we were all thinking "wooow she's tall". Margo didn't care that people were staring at her, she was used to it. David was tall for his age as well... he was a gorgeous child, and lots of fun.
It was quite a shock to hear of her death. Actually, it brought me to tears. It is so scary when you know someone for a short while, and then suddenly they are tragically gone. I don't know if she is in heaven right now, I hope she is... but I will certainly be praying for her family in this difficult time. Please pray for them too!

God bless
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