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God bless

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Birthday!

I haven't been able to blog all day.... I have had a wonderful day though! I was woken up at 5:10 this morning to open presents because my Dad had to leave for work at 5:20. It was quite early but lotsa fun, I got some amazing presents too!  I spent most of the morning relaxing, and then I had a wonderful day out at southbank, with Rob, James, Bec, Dan, and Zoe.. We had a heap of fun, and although I am worn out, it was lovely to have some company! Rob stayed with me all afternoon and for dinner (Shepherds pie and potato jems), and then my family (plus Rob's Mum and Dad) came over for cake, and to give me presents. I feel truly blessed to be part of my family!
I could write so so much more, but I am pretty sure it is about time, I headed off for bed! Night Night all!

Xoxo God bless
Love -E-

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