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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Shack

The Shack is a touching and life changing story about a Man called Mack, who's daughter Missy goes missing while on holidays. Mack and his family soon discover that Missy has been taken by a Man who is nick-named "The Little Lady Killer". Missy was this man's fifth victim.... and the bodies of these girls are never found, but a lady bug pin is always left at the scene. The police eventually find Missy's blood soaked summer dress in an old shack. Mack is left with the great sadness... And because of his childhood, and this situation, his faith in God disappears. He is angry at God for taking Missy, and his life is turned upside down. After some time, Mack receives a letter in the post, presumably from Papa, inviting him back to the shack. Papa is Nan's (Macks wife's) name for God.... Mack isn't sure what to believe... He comes up with a few possibilities...
1. It is God... But why would God write a letter?
2. It is the killer, trying to lure Mack away, so that he can attack his family.... But how does the killer know Nan's name for God?
3. It is a cruel practical joke.... But only Mack's close friends know about Nan's name for God, and they wouldn't play a practical joke like that.
Mack is left confused, but curious... he decides to go to the shack, even though it will be horrifying for him to confront his past. At first the Shack is as it was when he last sore it, including the blood stain by the fire place, where Missy's dress was found. The shack also had no one inside, which leaves Mack even more angry at God. Mack began to walk away... then suddenly everything begins to change, and the shack turns into a beautiful cottage. Mack hears noise and laughter inside, and finds himself knocking on the door... God is there... not as Mack would expect... there are also 2 other people. I'm not going to give it all away, but basically through the weekend spent with God, Mack discovers that God is not the stereotypical God that Mack thinks He is... and much more. Some very good points are discussed in this book. I have read it once, and I am reading it again. This book changed my relationship with God when I read it the first time, I am hoping to refresh my memory, so I am reading it again.
A lot of people don't like The Shack... I'll give this bit away to make my point... In this book, God is presenting Himself as a black woman. Yeh it kind of shocked me too, but there was reason for this.  In the book, God explains that he (lol, or she) is neither man or woman... but is presenting himself as a woman to stop Mack from thinking of God as an old man with a long gray beard like Gandolf, or Mack wouldn't take God seriously. Also Mack had a horrid history with his dad... A father figure wouldn't help Mack. This leaves Mack confused to why God is presented in the bible as a father. God explains, that in most circumstances, people on this earth need a father figure. Later when Mack eventually learns to trust in God, and repairs his relationship, God presents himself as a man. God's timing is always right! I know some people still can't get their head around it though. There are lots of other things I have heard that people don't like about The Shack... I won't explain them all... but there is a particular dislike, I do understand... People don't like that William Paul Young has put words into God's mouth. I didn't like this either... but when I thought about it a bit more... Willie (as he calls himself) isn't really putting words into God's mouth.... I believe that God must have surely helped Willie write this book. Satan can't have, because it truly has some good points in there! Despite the people who refuse to like this book... I know a lot of people who's lives changed because they have read it, mine included. I have a feeling that God actually put the words into Willies mouth, not the other way around, if that makes sense.
Anyways so I like this book, and I hope you read it. If you do read it, I suggest that you put your negativity and skepticism behind you... and think about the positive things about the book, and the points that God makes in the book :)

I was reading chapter 6 this-morning, and I was quite moved by something that God said....
"To begin with, that you can't grasp the wonder of my nature is a good thing. Who wants to worship a God who can be fully comprehended, eh? Not much mystery in that."
Hehe,,,, so true. This is just one of the points that God makes in this book.... I recommend reading it!

God bless
Love E

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