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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Psalm 11

For the director of music. Of David.
1 In the Lord I take refuge.
How then can you say to me:
"Flee like a bird to your mountain,

2 For look, the wicked bend their bows;
they set their arrows against the strings
to shoot from the shadows
at the upright in heart.

3 When the foundations are being destroyed,
what can the righteous do?"

4 The Lord is in his holy temple;
the Lord is on his heavenly throne.
He observes everyone on earth;
his eyes examine them.

5 The Lord examines the righteous,
but the wicked, those who love violence,
he hates with a passion.

6 On the wicked he will rain
fiery coals and burning sulfur;
a scorching wind will be their lot.

7 For the Lord is righteous,
he loves justice;
the upright will see his face.

Verse 7 is a well known verse. I can not wait till the day I see His face! It is going to be amazing. There is something about this Psalm, however, that I think Dave got wrong.... In verse 5 he says "...but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion." Now read verse 6...  This doesn't make sense! Our God is a loving God, He does not HATE anyone... He created us, He can not Hate us, we are His children. Can you imagine putting fiery coals and burning sulfur on your child, just because  they have turned to violence? I think not! God wants what is best for us. I have heard stories of those who have been atheists all their lives, that decide to choose Christ when they are on their deathbed! It is not how we start, but how we finish. Something really important to remember is God doesn't SEND us to heaven or hell.... we send ourselves. If we choose to believe and follow Christ... then we will die and go spend eternity with Him. If we choose not to believe and follow Christ, then we will simply die, and find ourselves in hell.... hell is any place without God. Just think, this earth is full of pain because of sin.... but we still have God here, helping us out and loving us.... In hell, it is infinity times worse than any pain on earth, because there is no God, just sin and hate... there is no comfort in hell.  God would not want His children sent there, God loves us and wants us to follow Him. 
Do you agree or Disagree?

God bless
Love -E- xoxo

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